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Officine Panerai - New Line-Up, Along with a Dress Watch And Updated Luminor Marina ModelsLuminor MarinaLast week I attended the roll-out of some new Panerai models. Their most recognizable watch, the Luminor Marina, received an update.Now, I'd rather not ruin a party, but changing or perhaps slightly modifying a legendary watch can be extremely dangerous. We've seen that escalating having a number of brands, including Rolex (remember their initial 39mm Explorer, or think about the Day-Date II. Both over quickly.). Anyway, because i was holding my breath, Panerai accumulated the tension by showing a little history first.I reckon that that you are knowledgeable about Panerai, we covered it frequently, so I want to skip the historical past lessons. Imperative that you know is that Panerai has been a manufacture since 2005 and聽brought all activities of development, production, assembly and QC in one place inside their new Panerai Manufacture in Neuch芒tel, Switzerland.Reference PAM01499Thinner Luminor MarinaThere are 5 updated models for that Luminor Marina 1950 collection. All became thinner. Panerai created a handful of improvements to be sure the watch turn into thinner. How thin? The 44mm Luminor Marina 1950 replica watches聽went from the whopping 17,95mm to fifteen,65mm. The lesser Luminor Marina 1950 models, which has a diameter of 42mm are now only 13.2mm rather than 16,35mm thick. Quite an improvement!On first sight, nothing much changed.聽That is an excellent thing, as no compromises are already made to its iconic design. Upon closer inspection, there are some differences. Let's look over.New MovementOne of the reasons that Panerai could build a thinner Luminor, was the creation of a fresh caliber. This P9010 caliber movement is made up of 200 components which is only 6mm thick. Two barrels make sure the power reserve of three days, a characteristic of each and every in-house Panerai movement since 2005. The hour hand is usually independently set, so that you don't have to set when hand (again) when likely to another timezone or switching from winter months to the summer months or or viceversa. I don't know whether this feature would add something for me personally, when i switch replica watches regularly and have to set minutes and hours anyway. I rather would've a quick-set date, which this watch doesn't need. The best approach to adjust the date is to apply the independently moving hour hand setting the date. Useful is always that the date may go back and forth, so simply use the direction that may be nearest the actual date.Case Design AdjustmentsNot exactly the movement, but will also some modifications to the Luminor Marina case chipped set for a thinner case. To visit from 17,95mm to fifteen,65mm (44mm case) or from 16,35mm to 13,2mm (42mm case) you'll want to commit to changing it. First, the caseback is thinner a result of the new movement. The very center portion of the case, or caseband, is usually thinner. This too features a thinner crown protection system, perhaps the most recognizable top features of Panerai. In addition, i seen that the sapphire crystal is less domed. You will probably note that the lugs vary. They seem to be positioned a bit lower if you go through the side of the case.Still IconicAll these changes be understood as quite influential aspects for the kind of the watch, but Panerai has some skilled designers in Neuch芒tel it appears. I needed to ask one of several Panerai representatives on the presentation to provide me hers to compare and contrast the previous while using new. Only next, i noticed some changes, however in the end, the newest Luminor Marina case is undoubted the identical icon it always was.PAM01359Caliber 9010New Reference CodingWith a different update gleam new reference number. Panerai made a decision to make it short and simple, just replace a 0 which has a 1 which is it. So the PAM00312 now becomes the PAM01312.The revolutionary introduced Luminor Marina 1950 references and retails cost is:PAM01312 (black dial, 44mm) - Price: 300 EuroPAM01359 (black dial, 44mm) - Price: 300 EuroPAM01499 (white dial, 44mm) - Price: 300 EuroPAM01392 (black dial, 42mm) - Price: 7200 EuroPAM01523 (white dial, 42mm) - Price: 200 EuroThe delivery of replica watches should take place now, applying the black dial versions. The white dial versions will probably be delivered around September016.PAM01312Luminor Marina 1950 CarbotechNext up, we now have the Panerai Luminor Marina 1950 Carbotech best omega watch replicas , PAM00661. In January 2015, Panerai introduced the Carbotech technology because of their Luminor Submersible PAM0616. We published an in-depth report on the PAM0616 recently on Fratello Watches.聽The case is created using long thin sheets of graphite, under underhand and high temperatures. Each watch has this unique 'tech' look & feel with it.Luminor Carbotech PAM00661The new PAM00661 will be the first Luminor Marina with all the Carbotech material for its case. Naturally, furthermore, it uses the brand new caliber 9010 movement. However, unlike the stainless Luminor Marina models, the movement can not be seen due to a closed titanium caseback. Whether this became done by choice or that it simply was not possible regarding towards the construction on the case is unknown for me. PAM0661 will retail for 1,500 Euro and will probably available around October 2016.Closed casebackPanerai Luminor Due - The gown WatchTake it that has a dose of skepticism or two, though the Luminor Due is more or less the dress watch from the collection. Due means 'two' but could be read as Mark II or second version as well .A low-cost a 37mm ultra-thin dress watch here, but an intricate looking type of the Luminor. The 'dress' factor is especially as a result of thinness of the cases. These聽thin cases might be established as a result of couple of thin movements certainly. The 42mm models use the hand-wound caliber P1000 (and P1000/10 for your gold version) even though the 45mm models utilize the automatic movement caliber P4000 (P4000/10 with the gold version).Luminor Due in 42mm (PAM00676) and 45mm (PAM00674)P1000 and P4000 MovementsPurists might say that a Panerai needs to have a hand-wound movement, but who is able to avoid an automatic movement with micro-rotor? The P4000 movement by Panerai has been available since 2014 and so they thought we would put it on for their 45mm versions from the Due. The P1000 movement is really a hand-wound caliber that just measures 3.85mm in height. No surprise Panerai is able to keep these replica watches at 10.50mm thick for your 42mm and 10.7mm to the 45mm models.Below an image in the Panerai Luminor Due 42mm and 45mm side-by-side, showing their P1000 and P4000 movements.P1000 and P4000 movementsAs I wrote above, the gold versions use a slightly different movement, indicated with a /10. Below, the gold version, automatic watches PAM00675 as well as its movement caliber P4000/10. It features a skeletonized main plate that shows the wheels and gears. The 22k gold micro-rotor even offers a different finish versus the regular P4000 movement.Luminor Due P4000/10Luminor Due 42mm or 45mmSo when you decide to purchase the Luminor Due as a more 'suit' friendly watch, now you ask ,: 42mm or 45mm? Can a 45mm watch be an outfit watch? I tried both and I are saying that this 45mm actually fits quite nicely in this little fairly large wrists. In addition, i need to admit that although the Due can be a Panerai design-wise, the truth is really thin. I associate Panerai with sports replica watches, and so i missed that feel a bit with this thin Luminor Due watch. In that way, they succeeded in developing a modern-day piece which will fit using your cuffs. For me, I just now missed that Panerai-code a bit with this Due dress watch. Not regarding its聽looks, but once worn for the wrist you certainly have the difference.Thin 10.7mm Luminor DueThat said, I can imagine someone really wants to give a Luminor Resulting from his existing selection of Panerai replica watches. In addition, it might attract the female buyer, using its slender look & feel. Below, the gold and stainless-steel 45mm versions side-by-side.PAM00675 and PAM00674References, Prices and Use of the Luminor DueThere are 4 Luminor Due聽references, for now. Two for that 42mm as well as for that 45mm versions, each size easily obtainable in red gold along with steel.PAM00676 - 42mm, stainless - Price: 7900 EuroPAM00677 - 42mm, red gold - Price: 21,500 EuroPAM00674 - 45mm, steel - Price: 10 watches ,400 EuroPAM00675 - 45mm, red gold - Price: 4,900 EuroThe gold versions have this anthracite sun-burst dial and also a skeletonized movement, as written above.PAM00675I've been told that these replica watches need to get delivered around September 2016.Some ThoughtsIt is rather special a Richemont brand introduces replica watches immediately after the annual SIHH exhibition. Panerai chose to do it, in addition to their initial introduction was a student in Florence, Italy last May. The adjustments for the Luminor Marina will be in my estimation very nicely done. The Luminor Marina 1950 3-Days聽has turn into somewhat more wearable and simply continues to be freshened up. I do think Panerai did a wonderful job ensuring聽their icon to settle a symbol.30 MetersThe Luminor Due could be the talking piece I suppose. When it was just shown in Florence (Firenze), the bunch made fuss with regards to the WR of 30 meters as opposed to the usual 100 meters and 300 meters. Although my initial thoughts were comparable to that surrounding everyone else who made a fuss concerning this, given that I have come across the replica watches in the flesh, they're simply not diving replica watches. Or replica watches to swim with in any respect to tell the truth.Details via Panerai on-line. Luminor Due P4000/10 PAM00675 and PAM00674 Side by Side, the 42mm and 44mm P1000 and P4000 movements PAM00675 PAM01312 Closed caseback Luminor Carbotech PAM00661 Reference PAM01499 Caliber 9010 PAM01312 Thin 10.7mm Luminor Due